Bristol’s Local Authority Sub-System’s Causal Loop Diagram

What factors affect transition to smart local energy systems from the Local Authorities perspective?

The below model captures the causes and impacts between a set of factors that emerged form the case study of Bristol city. This model is to be used as an exploration tool to build a better understanding of impact propagation and co-dependencies. It is not for quantification of any kind.  

Press Remix then Play to exercise the below model by

increasing/decreasing impact of various factors through arrows in cycled factors 

Note: this is only a partial model; it is based only on the information from a qualitative study of Bristol’s local authority. Thus, it is both:

  • limited to inputs provided by the qualitative study participants;
  • limited to the circumstances of Bristol itself.
  • It is underspecified in terms of the magnitudes of change, as well as in terms of elements and links between them. For example, when multiple loops execute simultaneously, only the length of the link between nodes shows which loop will eventually dominate, which, clearly is not any reflection of reality.

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